About Us


- Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd is the European furniture business specializing in importing, distributing, manufacturing the products in the field of building materials and home decoration brand EUROWIN.

- With long years of experience in the field of interior decoration company, we always provide high quality products, a clear origin, warranty from 1 year to 6 years. Products we offer include:

Water heater + solar

+ Kitchen Furniture: Kitchen Cabinets, Gas stove, hood, sink, faucet sink.

+ Furniture Bathrooms: Sen Hot and cold shower, bathtub.

+ automatic hand dryers, sensor taps, sensor valves.

+ Plastic doors bedroom luxury imported Taiwanese steel core plastic doors, rolling doors.


  Eurowin the ideal loyal to two schemes: Sincere and creativity.

Through loyalty to both this ideal that we can really have fun at work and contributed to the significance to society.

Sincere is the fundamental virtue of man ... always sincere.

Harmony brings strength ... trust each other and work together.

Calendar is a virtue ... always courteous and respectful.

Creativity promotes progress ... always aware that you need to innovate and grow.

Courage is the foundation of the glorious life ... to accept challenges with a positive attitude.


DEVELOPMENT - FRIENDLY - sincere cooperation and creative!